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GM Employees donate $28,500 to help tornado victims in Oklahoma

The Tornadoes in Oklahoma have devastated not only the state, but the entire country as well. When it happened, General Motors asked if any employees would like to kick in to see what could be raised. We’re pleased to write that to this date, GM Employees have donated $28,500 to help provide relief to tornado victims. The donations will go… (more…)

GM isn’t just the leader in fuel efficient cars, it’s also the leader in environmental protection.

In the wake of Arbor Day and Earth Day, General Motors has announced that they have set aside 2,600 acres at its global facilities that are tailored areas for wildlife habitats. In a partnership with Wildlife Habitat Council, GM is foregoing putting cement buildings for a different sort of structure; the kind that house animals. The goal is turn unused… (more…)

OnStar is rewarding good Samaritans…It pays to “Pay It Forward”!

How do you react to a car broken down? Have you ever witnessed a vehicle crash? Every day OnStar receives hundreds of calls from its subscribers requesting service on behalf of others. Pressing the red button on your rear view mirror connects them directly to an OnStar Advisor who will request emergency service and even instruct the caller on how… (more…)

Chevrolet supports the IdleAir project to help truckers avoid idling

How often do you see semi trucks along side the road when you’re driving down the road? Primarily this enables the truck drivers to use their cabins technologies like TV, internet, climate control, etc. while they’re taking their mandatory rest times, or just need a break. In addition to all of the carbon monoxide released into the, it costs truck drivers and… (more…)

Chevrolet Performance Cars raise close to $2.14 Million for Various Charities!

Five Chevrolet performance cars, including the first production model of the 2014 Corvette Stingray raised $2.14 million at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale collector car. Proceeds will benefit the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Habitat for Humanity Detroit, the American Heart Association, the Guy Fieri Foundation for Inspiration and Imagination and the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans.  The 2014 Stingray (with a… (more…)