“Well low and behold….for the 3rd time John found my car.”

At Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC we strive to completely satisfy each and every customer that walks through the doors of our Boardman, Ohio dealerships. Our goal is to provide a customer experience unlike any other dealer and when we receive reviews like this from our customers it lets us know that we achieved that goal. If you have something you’d like us to know about a recent visit to our dealerships, please email [email protected]!

Take a look at what a loyal Sweeney customer had to say about her experience working with Sweeney Sales And Leasing Consultant, John Partain:

This is the third time I have dealt with Sweeney. Each of these times I met with John Partain. John knows what “Customer Service” means. I was looking for a car for my daughter for college. Without much luck in finding a car in the price range and low mileage my husband mentioned giving my daughter my car and I would then get a car a couple of years old. My car (which I had also purchased at Sweeney from John) was only 5 years old. We looked around and tried out several different cars. We found a car, slightly used, went to see it. My husband and I talked and said let’s call John before we do anything. We called and explained what we were doing and why, as well as what we had found. His first question was is it what you want. My response was pretty close. Well pretty close for John wasn’t good enough. John asked what I was looking for and what price point. He soon called me back and asked that I meet with him as he felt he found my car. Well low and behold….for the 3rd time John found my car. Not only did he find the car but was able to put me in the car for the same price of the slightly used car that had just what I wanted. When my husband and I walked in John saw us coming, walked up with a big smile and asked how we were doing. We chatted for a few minutes and John said let me show you what I have for you. My husband and I took the car for a ride and loved it. But, of course, he doesn’t like to make quick decisions. We sat and talked with John a little while longer. One thing my husband hates is a pushy salesman. Never in the 3 cars we’ve purchased from John were we made to feel rushed or pressured to buy. My husband said well let us think it over and get back to you. I had to go out of town on business for a couple of days but let John know I wanted the car. I gave John the information he needed and when I got back in town, low and behold, everything was set and ready to go. I picked up my new Lacrosse. Now mind you, John was leaving town when I was coming back but wanted to insure I knew exactly who to meet with when picking up my car. This is when I had the opportunity to meet with Mike Moore who was very friendly, which made me feel comfortable and he was prepared….. I was in and out of his office in no time. There was also a young man who showed me everything about the car before I drove off. I have to apologize for not remembering his name. Believe me he too was very nice and knowledgeable. I hate spending money, but I love the level of service I’ve received each time I dealt with Sweeney and I love my new car. Thank you John, Mike and the young man for making me feel special and getting me on the road in a beautiful new car!! Sorry to go on and on but because of John and others I keep coming back.

John Partain, Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC Sales And Leasing Consultant.

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