We’ve all had to deal with lost keys, but with these apps you’ll never have to worry about that again.

One of the most obnoxious things about being a car owner is having to deal with lost keys and no matter how high tech you are, until all cars catch up to the technology of the Chevrolet Volt we’re at the mercy of remembering where we put our keys. The Volt not only has a key fob and a start button, but it also has a mobile app that lets you lock, unlock and check the charge of level. However, unless you enjoy checking all of your pockets, your shoes, your bathroom and garage 50 times trying to remember where you put them, there’s hope! Check out these great technologies that will help you find them.

Zomm: All you need is a smartphone and a keychain. This lets your track anything that you put the keychain on. When you lose your keys all you have to do is give Zomm a call from your smartphone. When you do this, the keychain its attached to will begin sounding an alert and cast a blue light until you figure out what pile of clothes you buried them under. Other cool features of Zomm include being able to use it as a panic alarm and the fact that it doubles as a speaker for hands-free talking.

The Zomm tag will help you find your lost keys. Shown here in pink, its also available in other colors.

Cobra Tag: Like Zomm, the Cobra Tag works with your cell phone to locate your lost keys. The fob will beep when your smart phone is within 100 feet of the fob. When your further away than that it shows up on your phone’s GPS system. What makes Cobra Tag awesome is that you can use it in reverse to find your phone!

The Cobra Tag, shown here will show you where your lost keys are on your smart phone.

Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Sticker: The bluetooth sticker locates keys within 100 feet, but when you’re further away it will send you a notification to let you know you’re close. Consider it like a game of marco polo. Our favorite feature of this set is that it will let you know when you’re getting further away from whatever its stuck to, like in the event you dropped your keys.

The Stick-N-Find Bluetooth sticker can be stuck to your keys to make sure you can find them under your piles of clothes. Lost keys are a thing of the past.

The last technology we’re going to talk about is called Bungee. It doesn’t help you find your belongings, but it is really interesting. Bungee comes with a boomerang shaped stick on tags that you stick to your phone and keys. When it goes missing whoever finds it can use the tags to notify Bungee. Bungee will then send you a text and email alerting you that your property has been found at which point you can make arrangements to get your stuff back.

The Bungee tag may not help you find your lost keys, but it will keep you safe if someone else does.

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