GM Lordstown’s contributions to fuel efficiency doesn’t stop at the Cruze

GM Lordstown doesn't just contribution to efficiency with the Cruze

GM Lordstown, located a short distance from our dealership here in Boardman is home of the Chevrolet Cruze…Everyone knows that. The contributions that the Cruze has made to Chevrolet’s overall fuel efficiency are undeniable. However, just recently GM Lordstown made another huge contribution to GM’s overall goal of constantly reducing their carbon footprint.

The plant is in the process of replacing all of their traditional light bulbs to LED lighting. It will also have a fully integrated wireless control system. This is General Motor’s largest conversion in North America.

The goal of the project was simple, to replace the exisiting 40 foot high bay lighting system with one that will provide the same brightness and illumination but will reduce costs and energy consumption. They will also require much less maintenance!

The project will save $800,000 by replacing 1,328 fixtures with 1,246 LED that range from 90 to 360 watts. Additionally, it will reduce energy consumption by 84% with a CO2 reduction of 8,500 metric tons. Another cost saving feature is that they will be maintenance free for 150,000 hours! Wow!

The new lighting system is equipped with a fully integrated and built in wireless control system which will allow operators to schedule lights in certain parts of the plant at different intensities to follow production schedules while allowing them to dim during breaks and between shifts.

On a much largest scale, GM is dedicated to energy efficiency and is constantly working to reduce energy by 20% by 2020. Currently GM is the largest automotive user of solar power and has already received the EPA Energy Star Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award. This is the highest level of recognition a corporation can get.

To find out more about the product of GM Lordstown, the Chevrolet Cruze and its 46MPG, click here:

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