GM isn’t just the leader in fuel efficient cars, it’s also the leader in environmental protection.

A wildlife habitat at a General Motors Facility.

A wildlife habitat at a General Motors Facility.

In the wake of Arbor Day and Earth Day, General Motors has announced that they have set aside 2,600 acres at its global facilities that are tailored areas for wildlife habitats. In a partnership with Wildlife Habitat Council, GM is foregoing putting cement buildings for a different sort of structure; the kind that house animals.

The goal is turn unused land into a home for wildlife. In doing so this helps GM reach their overall goal of getting the most out of its products by recycling or reusing 90% of the waste the company generates. Did you know that the Chevrolet Volt’s scrap batteries can be used as wood duck nests. At last count, GM has installed more than 400 of these structures!

GM also works with local schools, nongovernment organizations, nonprofits and environmental preservation groups to enhance our habitats and increase community awareness about wildlife preservation.

Sue Kelsey, GM’s biodiversity program manager had this to say about the projects: “The habitats on our properties won’t thrive without the help of our employees. Their work exemplifies the deep respect and appreciation our company has for the nature that surrounds and interacts with our facilities.”

To learn more GM’s environmental commitments, click here!

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