OnStar is rewarding good Samaritans…It pays to “Pay It Forward”!

OnStar is the auto industry's leading concierge service, providing turn by turn navigation and emergency services to 39 General Motors cars including Chevrolets, Buicks and GMCs.

How do you react to a car broken down? Have you ever witnessed a vehicle crash? Every day OnStar receives hundreds of calls from its subscribers requesting service on behalf of others. Pressing the red button on your rear view mirror connects them directly to an OnStar Advisor who will request emergency service and even instruct the caller on how to help before the services arrive!

To reward customers for doing the right thing OnStar has begun the Good Samaritan recognition program to recognize motorists who go above and beyond to help others. Today, in honor of Good Samaritan day, we’d like to honor OnStar’s “Good Samaritan Of The Year” Mr. Tyler Andrews.

While driving in his GMC Sierra Denali last year, Andrews saw a Ford Expedition stopped in the middle of the ramp. He pulled alongside the vehicle and found a man who was unconscious. He pushed his OnStar button and spoke to two advisers, the first dispatched emergency services and the second gave him some medical advice before they could get there.

Andrews is just one story of how OnStar has been used to help those in need. Last year, nearly 80,000 calls were received on behalf of others in need. Since it began in 1996 it has received more than 655,000 Good Samaritan calls!

OnStar serves more than 6.4 million customers with connected safety, security and mobility solutions and is available on 39 General Motors vehicles. For more information about OnStar or to find out how you can get into a car with the industry’s leading concierge service, for the safety and security of you and your family, email us at SweeneySales@SweeneyCars.com or give us a call at 330-SWEENEY.

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