Chevrolet supports the IdleAir project to help truckers avoid idling

How often do you see semi trucks along side the road when you’re driving down the road? Primarily this enables the truck drivers to use their cabins technologies like TV, internet, climate control, etc. while they’re taking their mandatory rest times, or just need a break. In addition to all of the carbon monoxide released into the, it costs truck drivers and their companies a very large sum of money to keep these trucks running.

It’s for these reasons that Chevrolet is supporting the IdleAir Project, which enables truck drivers to use all of these technologies without having to idle their engines. With Chevrolet’s help IdleAIr can further expand the availability of its engine-idling alternative. Drivers who use IdleAIr pull into designated spaces, hook up a window adapter that then accepts a unit from a heating and cooling air vent, TV, power outlets, internet and other conveniences. The truck engine can then be turned off.

Drivers who use IdleAir save 1 gallon of diesel fuel per truck, per hour. Some stations are evening solar powered, further reducing energy used.

Chevrolet has also supported many other projects to help advance green technologies that aid in carbon redution. Check out a few:

  • Chevrolet collaborated with The Nature Conservancy to assist in managing about 20,000 acres of forest to improve ecosystem habitats.
  • In a partnership with Gualala River to help them avoid commercial timber harvesting and allow existing trees to continue to grow.
  • Chevrolet supported Dempsey Ridge wind farm in Oklahoma by investing in 66 wind turbines on 7,500 acres that produce 132MW and doubles as a grazing land for livestock.
    The IdleAir unit that connects to the window of a truck driver

    The IdleAir unit that connects to the window of a truck driver

    The IdleAir truck stop allows truckers to enjoy the amenities their truck offers without having to leave their engine running.

    Here’s the station that truckers stop at for their rest stops

    Chevrolet committed to help the Gualala River avoid commercial timber harvesting and allow existing trees to grow.

    The Gualala River in California


    Chevrolet helped the Dempsey Ridge Wind Farm build 66 wind turbines on 7,500 acres producing 132MW of wind energy.

    The Dempsey Ridge Wind Farm in Oklahoma. The land also doubles as grazing land for livestock.


    Chevrolet helped the Bethlehem Forest in PA improve forest ecosystem habitats and produce a long-term supply of timber for local mills.

    The Bethlehem Forest in Pennsylvania



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