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Jobs in Youngstown Ohio - Hiring

If you’re looking for a job in Youngstown, Ohio, then good news….We’re hiring!

Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC is searching for qualified applicants to fill open positions that we have for drivers!

Drivers play an incredibly important role at our dealership. They are responsible for picking up vehicles we’ve traded for with other dealers, pick up and drop off vehicles at the auction, etc. An ideal candidate will have previous experience, but it is not a requirement. Candidates must have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.

This is a part time position within our dealership. To be immediately considered for hiring, please email your resume to employment@sweeneycars.com!

Meet the Chevy Colorado Duramax Diesel

Meet the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel, available at Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC. Meet the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel, available at Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC. Meet the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel, available at Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC. Meet the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel, available at Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC. Meet the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel, available at Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC. Meet the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel, available at Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC. Meet the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel, available at Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC. Meet the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel, available at Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC. Meet the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel, available at Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC.

Meet the most fuel efficient pickup truck in America, the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel! The Colorado will offer an EPA Estimated 31 MPG (Highway). The EPA awarded the Colorado the Certificate of Conformity to the Colorado after extensive testing and evaluation of the emission control system.

The Colorado has a 21 gallon fuel tank, meaning that 2WD models offer an estimated highway range of 651 miles! In addition to taking the title of most fuel efficient pickup in America, the Colorado has a large complement of additional accolades, including segment leading trailering capabilities.

The Colorado, when properly equipped is capable of trailering up to 7,700 pounds on 2WD models and 7,600 pounds on 4WD models.

The new engine of the 2016 Colorado Diesel is a 2.8L Duramax Turbo-Diesel engine, which generates 181 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired with a Hydra-Matric 6L50 six-speed transmission that uses a unique Centrifugal Pendulum Vibration Absorber to reduce powertrain noise and vibration. The Colorado Diesel’s variable-geometry turbocharger helps optimize power and efficiency across the RPM band to contribute to smoothness.

As an added bonus, Chevrolet added two new features for control and confidence to the Colorado Diesel. Smart Diesel Exhaust Braking enhances your control of the truck and reduces the brake wear by reducing the need to brake on downgrades. Chevy also added an integrated trailer brake controller that works with the antilock brake system and provides immediate and measured brake force and eliminates the need for you to purchase an aftermarket trailer brake controller.

The 2016 Colorado Diesel will be on sale this fall at our dealership and is available in LT and Z71 trims. Contact us at info@sweeneycars.com for more details.

We’re Hiring!

Available Position: Executive Assistant
Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC – Youngstown, Ohio

Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC, one of the area’s premier dealerships is recruiting to fill the position of Executive Assistant. The Executive Assistant plays a crucial role in accomplishing the administrative tasks of the dealership and provides crucial support to its employees.

The ideal candidate will be able to complete the duties listed below, while working independently. Additionally, ideal candidates will be punctual, comfortable working with others and will respect employee confidentiality.

Desired Qualifications:
Microsoft Office Proficiency
Basic Accounting Skills
Multitasking Ability
Time Management

Bank Reconciliations
Fixed Asset Management
Daily Sales Log Management
Payroll/401K Assistance
Office Supply ManagementDaily Mail Distribution
Other Duties as Assigned

Full Time employees enjoy:
A five day work week
Paid vacations/holidays
Medical & Dental insurance
401k with a company match
A work site health program
and much more!

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit their resume to employment@sweeneycars.com for immediate consideration, however absolutely NO resumes will be accepted in person.

Online inquiries only, please

Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC is Hiring Again!

Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC is in search of professional, reliable, and hard working phone specialists.
The position is within the Guest Relations Center of our store which is responsible for handling inbound & outbound phone calls, handling Internet customers, and working on proactive campaigns.

Main responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Taking phone calls and assisting customers in a professional manner. Answering inbound sales calls, working in a fast paced environment. Outbound calling in response to internet inquiries.
  • Requirements:
  • The ability to multitask with several computer systems.
  • Strong data entry skills.
  • Proficiency in Word , Excel, and Outlook.
  • Excellent typing skills (30+ wpm)
  • Ability to quickly learn and adapt to new systems/ software programs for daily use.
  • Customer service experience.
  • The ideal candidate is detail oriented, possesses excellent communication skills, is reliable, and has a flawless attendance history.

Full time Sweeney employees enjoy:

  • A five day work week
  • Paid holidays and vacations
  • Medical and dental benefits
  • 401k with a company match
  • Newly renovated facilities
  • A work site health program
  • Much More!

Online inquiries only, please.
Interested applicants should send resumes, and questions should be directed to employment@sweeneycars.com.

The Sweeney Certified Platinum Used Car Warranty

The Sweeney Certified Platinum Used Car Warranty

We know that when you’re looking to make the second biggest purchase of your life you’re looking for security. That’s why we’re proud to offer the Sweeney Certified Platinum Program, our exclusive warranty. The Sweeney Certified Platinum Warranty is available on most of the used vehicles on our lot so that you know we stand behind our vehicles. All eligible vehicles have qualified for a platinum certification through a strict evaluation that includes a 172 point inspection and reconditioning process. ONLY those vehicles that pass this rigorous process are Sweeney Certified Platinum.

So here’s how we’re helping protect your investment:

Once you have the perfect vehicle for you chosen, look at the odometer. If that vehicle is less than six years old with 80,000 miles or less, you will receive Warranty A. If that vehicle is less than fifteen years old, with less than 125,000 miles your vehicle will receive Warranty B.

Warranty A
Eligible Vehicles: Used vehicles manufactured within the last six years with less than 80,000 miles at the time of sale. (Certain models may not be eligible).

Your Sweeney Certified Platinum Benefits: This package is available at absolutely no cost to you, with a value in excess of $920.

  • 1. A 1 year, 12,000 mile comprehensive coverage extended warranty plan with a value in excess of $800! 
    -Rental benefits for all covered repairs.
    -Towing coverage
    -Roadside assistance if your vehicle becomes disabled.
    -Travel Expenses if your vehicle becomes disabled out of town.
    -When traveling out of town and return to Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC is not possible then any licensed repair facility in the US or Canada authorized to repair all covered work to your vehicle, less a $100 per visit deductible. Contact us for complete details of coverage.
  • 2. A complimentary 1 year enrollment in our Sweeney Preferred Customer Program benefits with a value in excess of $120
    -A Carfax Vehicle History Report
    -2 Oil and Tire Changes
    -2 Tire Rotations

Warranty B
Eligible Vehicles: Used vehicles manufactured within the last fifteen years with less than 125,000 miles at the time of sale. (Certain models may not be eligible).

These benefits are available to you at absolutely no cost to you, with a value in excess of $520.

  • 1. A 6 month, 6,000 mile comprehensive coverage extended warranty plan with a value in excess of $400 that includes parts and labor coverage for:

-All internally lubricated parts of the engine
-Water Pump
-Oil Pump
-Turbo/Supercharger (if equipped)
-All internally lubricated parts of the transmission.
-All internal parts of the transfer unit.
-When travelling out of town and return to Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC is not possible, then any licensed repair facility in the US or Canada will be authorized to repair all covered work to your vehicles, less a $100 per visit deductible.

And, because your vehicle has qualified to be Sweeney Certified Platinum, you are eligible to upgrade to one of a variety of longer term and comprehensive coverage packages to protect you for most, if not all, of your expected ownership term! Ask one of our Finance and Insurance Department Professionals for details.

Want to win an iPad?


Every year, #TeamSweeney kicks off football season by giving away an iPad for your football knowledge! This year is no different, but we’re doing it with a twist! Rather than our contest being based off of high school football we’re going to play some good old fashioned fantasy football! We will be qualifying 13 people to join our league, with the draft being held online on August 31st, 2015 at 9:00PM. 

We will be qualifying two people every Monday from now until the end of August!

Here are the qualifying dates:

July 20th, 2015
July 27th, 2015
August 3rd, 2015
August 10th, 2015
August 17th, 2015
August 24th, 2015

We can’t wait for another awesome year of our Football kick off!

The 2016 Malibu doesn’t just look different!

The 2016 Malibu doesn’t just look different…This is a different car than any generation of Malibu in the past! According to the Malibu’s Chief Engineer, Jesse Ortega, “Midsize customers tell us they want great fuel economy, connected technologies and a gorgeous exterior” and that’s exactly what this vehicle delivered.

Let’s start with some of the  biggest differences in the ninth generation Malibu:

The 2016 Malibu is longer and lighter
Chevrolet is manufacturing the the vehicle to be a larger vehicle while decreasing it’s weight. The 2016 Malibu will be closer to four inches longer than the 2015 and will still be nearly 300 lbs lighter. These two factors are a small portion of what will contribute to the EPA estimated 37 MPG highway.

Major Changes
When the 2016 Malibu arrives at our Boardman, OH showroom it will feature:
-Available segment-exclusive OnStar LTE wifi as well as wireless phone charging.
-Agile, sophisticated and sleek exterior design.
-More standard safety technologies, including 10 standard air bags and available features such as forward collision alert, rear cross traffic alert and automatic parking assist.
-A teen driver feature, which will allow parents to view their children’s driving statistics like maximum speed, warning alerts and more.

Because Chevrolet is making the 2016 Malibu larger, it will feature legroom and a more open cabin. The next generation Malibu was built with a greater emphasis on comfort, convenience and connectivity that allows the Malibu to keep pace with customers’ lives. Here are the major highlights of the new interior:

-Chevrolet MyLink with a seven inch color touch screen will come standard on LS, LT and Hybrid models. An eight inch touch will be available on LT, Hybrid and Premier trims.
-3D navigational maps will be available on select trim levels.
-The Teen Driver feature will allow parents to restrict certain vehicle features such as speed, customized warning alerts and more.
-Rear seat USB and 110-volt power outlets will be options.
-The center stack is completely redesigned!
-Galvano chrome accents make the instrument panel and center console more aesthetically appealing.
-Added dedicated storage slot for mobile phones, which can be used to wireless charge the phone.
-Ventilated seats will be standard on Premier Trim levels.

Trim Levels
Unlike previous editions of the Malibu, the 2016 Malibu will be offered in L, LS, LT and premier trims. The premier trim is a Chevrolet first, making its debut on the Malibu. This is an “uplevel” designation meaning it will have even more luxury than ever!

Well, that about sums it up…Just kidding! We haven’t even got to one of the most exciting changes. The 2016 Malibu will be available in a Hybrid!

Thanks, Volt!
The 2016 Malibu borrowed technology from the 2016 Volt’s propulsion system. This propulsion system will offer a combined fuel economy that exceeds 45 miles per gallon. This is higher than the Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata hybrids.

The hybrid engine will also feature Chevy’s first ever application of Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery or EGHR. This technology uses exhaust heat to warm the engine and cabin to ensure consistent fuel economy performance in cold weather.

The hybrid system will be driven by a 80-cell lithium ion battery pack which will power the vehicle up to speeds of 55 mpg, where the engine will take over. The battery will be charged using the Volt’s blended regenerative braking system, which will recover kinetic energy during braking.

To cap it all off, check out these photos!

2016 Malibu Photos 2016 Malibu Photos 2016 Malibu Photos 2016 Malibu Photos 2016 Malibu Photos 2016 Malibu Photos

Meet Sam. He really loves his Chevrolet Volt.

Meet Sam – Sam is the owner of a 2014 Chevrolet Volt.

California resident Sam Miller-Christiansen, highlights his favo


According to Sam it’s the best car that he has ever owned and he’s willing to tell anyone that will listen. This included the team that helped design the 2016 Chevrolet Volt. Sam was part of a group of Volt owners that were instrumental in developing the next generation EV.

Shortly after Chevrolet launched the first-generation Volt, Chevy met once a month through internet panels and social media chats with a customer advisory board from across the country to understand how consumers were using their Volts. These talks included what features the owners liked and what features needed improvement.

This feedback lead Chevrolet to the direction they decided to take the 2016 Volt. The first improvement that they decided to tackle was an improved EV range. The next generation Chevrolet Volt will feature a GM-estimated 50 miles of range and a total driving range of 400 miles between fill ups. With regular charging owners will be able to travel more than 1,000 miles between fill ups, giving an estimated 41 MPG and 102 MPGe.

The panel also asked for a more intuitive vehicle interface and Chevrolet delivered. The next generation will feature fewer icons, separate climate control knobs and a button clean up that will provide clear and convenient operation.

Here is a complete list of the features that were influenced by the Chevrolet Volt customer panel:

  • Quieter engine at lower speeds
  • LED headlamps
  • Reduced air dam scraping when entering or exiting driveways
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Regen on Demand – A feature which gives drivers more control over regenerative braking, which reclaims energy while the Volt is slowing down
  • Customization of vehicle information depending on driver’s preference
  • Location-based charging selection
  • More discrete charging notifications
  • Charge door open reminder
  • Illuminated charge port
  • Available spare tire

Let’s not forget that these are all improvements that are being made to the vehicle that already has some of the highest customer loyalty and quality scores in the auto industry! In the four years that the Chevrolet Volt has been on the market it has earned more accolades and best buy awards than any other EV. These awards include the 2015 Kelly Blue Book Best Buy Award and the IIHS’ Top Safety Award. Check out our inventory of Volts here: http://www.sweeneychevrolet.com/search/new-volt/tp-md1037/

Meet the 2016 Chevrolet Volt

Meet The 2016 Equinox

Earlier this week we gave you your first look at the 2016 Equinox, today we’re giving you a closer look at the changes that Chevrolet made. 

Some of the major updates include new styling with premium accents, new wheel designs and new available safety features and  an even bigger touch screen radio. 2016 Equinox owners will also enjoy a standard rear-vision camera.

2016 Equinox owners will enjoy a standard Ecotec 2.4L engine which will deliver an EPA Estimated 32 mpg on the highway. However, you can upgrade to a 3.6L V6 for more power to enable a trailering capacity of up to 3,500 pounds.

Going deeper than the obvious changes Chevrolet made to the 2016 Equinox, let’s look at a complete list:

  • New trim levels! The Equinox trim levels are now: L, LS, LT and LTZ.
  • New front fascia and chrome-accented dual-port grille design.
  • New, premium projector-beam headlamps on all models helps make the 2016 Equinox more visible at night
  • New daytime running lamps on LT and LTZ, with reflector-style lamps on L and LS, and light-emitting diode, (LED) lamps on LT and LTZ that create a distinctive, upscale lighting signature
  • New fog lamps on LTZ
  • New, Chevy-signature dual-element tail lamps, revised license plate applique and revised lower rear fascia on all models, with chrome trim on LTZ lower fascia
  • New 17-inch aluminum wheels on LT and new 18-inch aluminum wheels on LTZ
  • New available 17-inch wheel optional on LS model
  • New chrome exhaust outlets on V-6 models
  • Available Side Blind Zone Alert and Rear Cross Traffic Alert safety features on LT and LTZ
  • Standard seven-inch-diagonal Color Touch radio (including Bluetooth phone connectivity) and rear-vision camera on L and LS models
  • Revised instrument panel “center stack” with new storage shelf and updated control graphics
  • New, chrome-trimmed transmission shifter with Electronic Range Selector mode buttons relocated to the top of the shifter handle
  • Enhanced interior fabrics in L and LS designed for a premium look and feel
  • New Saddle Up interior color
  • New universal tablet holders available through dealers from Chevrolet Accessories. They mount on the rear of the front seats to provide convenient access for rear-seat passengers.

Check out these awesome photos and see the new look of Chevrolet’s 2nd best selling vehicle:

Meet the 2016 Equinox. Meet the 2016 Equinox. Meet the 2016 Equinox. Meet the 2016 Equinox. Meet the 2016 Equinox. Meet the 2016 Equinox. Meet the 2016 Equinox. Meet the 2016 Equinox.

The 2015 Silverado Midnight Edition Redefines Blacked Out

Earlier this week you saw the Silverado Midnight Edition and promised you more details after the sneak peak. Well, here you go! Simply put, Chevrolet took blacking out a truck to the next level.

The Silverado Midnight Edition starts with a black Silverado Z71 and adds:

  • An all black front end with a blacked out grille, bumper, headlamp bezels, took hooks and fog lamps
  • Black side moldings and beltline moldings
  • 18 inch black alloy wheels that come with Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac All-Terrain tires
  • A special Z71 badge
  • A spray-in bedliner
  • And to polish it all of: Black front and rear bowties

The Silverado Midnight Edition obviously also get the features of the Z71: off-road suspension, locking rear differential, hill descent control and a trailering package. In addition to all of the black out parts, you’ll receive rear park assist and heated/power adjustable mirrors just as an added bonus.

Chevrolet will only produce 5,000 models of the Silverado Midnight Edition for 2015 and will be available in both double cab and crew cab models.

The Silverado Midnight Edition redefines blacked out. The Silverado Midnight Edition redefines blacked out.


Have some questions? Ask away! http://www.sweeneychevrolet.com/contact-us/

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